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    Golf Tee Times in Memphis, Tennessee

Ball Review: Wilson Smart Core Balata Distance

by John Kim

Introduction: The new line of Wilson golf balls make a heady promise, that these golf balls actually can "think" their way around a course. They respond to harder swings by increasing distance, and softer shots respond with better feel around the greens. The balata distance balls go one step further and claim to offer the distance of a two piece ball with the feel and response of a balata ball. The ultimate ball if they can back it up.

The Good: Drives seemed to go as far as any spin ball I typically play. Probably not as far as the pure distance balls, but I don't think distance loss will be an issue for anyone who uses these. The spin from wedges and the response from chips and putts around the green are good. Again, not quite the softness of a pure balata, but better response than many spin balls on the market today. I played these balls for two weeks, and my handicap dropped to an all-time low. In one day, I used only two golf balls to play 36 holes and shot 75, 73. (Yes I'm bragging a bit.). The balls can score and yes, they are durable.

The Bad: Depending on where you go, the prices are going to range a bit - but nowhere will you find these balls cheap. They are as expensive a ball as I've seen in a bit, and I think most mid-handicap players won't find the game enhancement features of the ball worth the extra dollars.

Overall: Good players (single digit handicappers) will benefit the most from these golf balls. If you are struggling for a little better control and feel from a ball without sacrificing the distance you may get from the harder golf balls, you should give a sleeve of these balls a try. Mid level players or beginners will not be able to tell too much difference between these and what they are playing now.

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